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Giza breaks any monotonous and outdated visual effect to create a richly customized space.

A luxe statement thanks to its slight and soft greyish hues. It is simple yet spirited, featuring refreshing and refined colors.

Giza will transform your house to highlight its sophistication.

Detail view

Slab view

Technical information

Enigma Surfaces offers a wide range of colors, formats, thicknesses and finishes to make your project unqiue. These features allow for the maximization of any space.


Enigma Surfaces offers you two slabs sizes: the standard format of 1400 x 3000 mm and the Jumbo one of 1600 x 3200 mm.


Enigma Surfaces offers two different slabs thickness: 20 mm and 30 mm. A perfect solution for your countertop, flooring and siding.

Giza Gallery


Nano Enhancement of Surfaces (NEOS), is a new high-performance stain and substance repellent technology developed for Enigma Surfaces.

Invisible to the naked eye, NEOS has been scientifically formulated to produce a hybrid protectant with physical characteristics that resists staining, keeps surfaces clean and guards against everyday wear and tear. With the application of NEOS, Enigma Surfaces are safely protected from acid corrosion.

This is due to the chemical stability of NEOS which resists ranges between pH1 and pH13, making it the only protectant resistant to a broad range of chemicals.

NEOS has been innovated to form a permanent bond with the components Enigma Surfaces; its technology requires zero maintenance and requires no future application because NEOS lasts forever. This makes Enigma Surfaces the most durable product in the industry.

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